Double Dipping

I decided I would sign in to both Lyft and Uber tonight. I know many drivers do it to maximize earnings potential, but I can’t help but imagine the opportunities I missed out by sticking to one vs another. It wasn’t a bad night overall, but it was quieter and I suspect everyone was taking it easy after the big turkey day yesterday.

Uber gave me the bulk of my rides and just over half of my net earnings with 9 rides earning $74.36. Lyft connected me with the other four rides earning $55.92. For four-ish hours, $30/hr isn’t terrible… I just need to be out driving more than I have been, but that’s another post entirely.

This weekend should be busy with the beginning of the holiday shopping season underway, and various festivities going on throughout the city. Here we go…


PS, leave the driving this holiday to a friendly local driver! If you’ve never tried Lyft or Uber, use my links here to score free ride credit toward your first rides. (Varies by market. Subject to terms.)

And if you have a newer car and want to have some fun while making some extra cash for holiday gifts, there’s some great incentives to get signed up and hit the road!