Slow Monday

Is it me or is the Monday after a holiday weekend slow? There wasn’t any sporting events, no big concerts. Pete Souza was at the Moore promoting his new book which sounds awesome. But I was out for most of the day today so I’m proud for sticking it out.Alright so I didn’t entirely drive twelve hours today. A buddy from Vancouver was here for his first visit to Seattle, and I said meeting up would happen and it did. We caught up and went to grab lunch at Chick-fil-A and hit up a few stores to look for a new datebook.

The morning was slow too but you wouldn’t guess it looking at the traffic. I had three rides during the morning Peak Hours. Driving in the afternoon and evening I got one more peak ride and 7 regular rides to total out at 11. I did also drive a single Uber ride just to see where I’d go with it. Not far. *shrug*

Tomorrow is another day, and I should be better rested too. I made it through the day with three hours sleep!


PS, leave the driving this holiday to a friendly local driver! If you’ve never tried Lyft or Uber, use my links here to score free ride credit toward your first rides. (Varies by market. Subject to terms.)

And if you have a newer car and want to have some fun while making some extra cash for holiday gifts, there’s some great incentives to get signed up and hit the road!