The Difference

In life there will be many opportunities to go the extra mile, and usually it pays off. In my case, this week I’ll show just how close I got to an additional bonus amount had i driven just a few more hours. These images show what I drove this past week, and how close I got to an additional $175.

The difference was 45 more rides, including 4 during peak hours. I could’ve done that had I driven just a few more of the mornings, or heck even those two evenings and a morning! This just goes to show how much a little extra effort can go; on top of whatever I would’ve earned in those 45 rides (somewhere around $300-400 on average just in the mornings!)

I’m not a morning person at all but I can get on streaks now and then where I do it and it pays off. It feels good to have gotten close, but I know I can do better. I’d still be out right now driving but it’s already almost 10PM and if I’m gonna get up at 6AM… bed time is now.

(For what it’s worth I did sign into Uber in destination mode on the way home and pulled a little extra. I still prefer Lyft though.)


PS, if you’ve never tried Lyft or Uber, use my links here to score free ride credit toward your first rides. (Varies by market. Subject to terms.)

And if you have a newer car and want to have some fun while making some extra cash for spring, there’s some great incentives to get signed up and hit the road!