Howarth Park

I was feeling lazy last week and went for a drive to a park I heard about not far from my place in Everett. The park is Howarth Park, and it’s got a bit of deception to it which will reward you for your effort to explore it.

When you first turn on to the street it looks like there is a small playground park (which I did not photograph because there were too many people around. This is where you can find washrooms and picnic benches, but there is no way to the beach. For that you have to walk a bit or drive to one of the two other (small) parking lots.

Once you make it down (or up) to the walk bridge you’ll begin to see the beach and the amazing views kept wonderfully hidden away.

On this visit I walked back up from the lower parking lot where you can hear the faint but determined babbling of water from the creek leading to the bay.

This was a pleasant surprise, and definitely great with well behaved on-command dogs is and really pretty at sunset time.