Ten Thousand Rides

Dashboard counter as of 12:33AM on August 13, 2018

On the evening of December 2, 2014 I signed on to the Lyft platform for the first time as a new driver. I nervously awaited for the first ping to come through as I sat in my Toyota Prius, thinking about how to do this new thing and if I’d do a good job at it. I stressed out over how I’d handle interacting with other people in the confines of my personal car, but after fifteen years in retail, hospitality and foodservice, I was sure I’d be just fine.

That first request ping finally came in at 5:28pm, and it was a quiet ride from San Jose International Airport to a hotel in Palo Alto. Already doing long rides! I followed the navigation and he sat in the back with his headphones in so I knew I shouldn’t try to engage in conversation. After a surprisingly quick ride up Highway 101 we arrived and I wished him a good evening. I signed out for a moment to get a bit excited at how easy it was.

1,350 days and tens of thousands of miles later on August 13, 2018 I rolled ten thousand rides, and it was an interesting one at that because it was a Shared ride. The first rider was an intoxicated guy going from one bar to another, the second rider was a sober guy just going home from visiting friends, and the third was a couple which was not nearly as intoxicated as the first guy and were far more… interactive. Sadly, Mr. 10K was too drunk that I didn’t try to celebrate with him.

I didn’t think I’d be doing this nearly four years later. But every day I’m out there is a new adventure, with new people to meet and chat with, seeing new places and learning new things. Some days are more grueling than others, and some days I’d rather just stay in bed. But on the whole this has been a largely positive experience and one I look forward to continuing to do for a while!

Thank you Daniel for getting me hooked on this. Now to update my driver photo… thanks to my mentor Casey for flipping me off!

My Goofy Driver Profile Photo


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