About My Time In Madison

Madison on a cold morning from Monona Terrace

A little late with this post, I suppose. I don’t have too much to write about my time in Madison, except how much of what I remember from ten years ago has changed. A LOT. Oh, and it’s just as cold as I remember…

I have more photos than actual words to write. Some of the highlights include most of the city looking and feeling a bit different from when I lived there. There are a lot of new highrise developments and retail buildings, and State Street having only a fraction of the restaurants and merchants remaining from the 2000s. It was weird taking rides around town and feeling like something’s missing…

During my off-time I spent quite a bit of hours at the Wisconsin Historical Society where I discovered a lot of information pertaining to the Moll family and adding to my family tree on Ancestry. I was all too eager to read the stories and obituaries on microfilm from old newspapers, making sure to scan and save as much as I could not knowing when I could return again. My aunt actually worked there and did a lot of genealogy on the family, so it was neat to visit the building and walk the steps she walked every day. When she passed away, the documents and materials she amassed went to one of her nephews and I hope to someday meet him to see what I’m missing.

Wisconsin Historical Society on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus

I also got to see my grandpa and grandma and uncle for the first time since I moved away. My work schedules and finances didn’t exactly make it easy to take a trip back home, so I’m glad I got to see everyone even if only for a little while. I reached out to my mother who briefly rang me on the phone, but her work seems to be keeping her from having any free time. I also got to see my long time best friend in a stroke of luck with good timing at the train station before leaving back to Seattle. So, yay!

For a trip that really should not have happened the way it did, I tried to make the best of the time I had while I was there. I’m glad I got to do some family research… and start to rekindle relationships with my family. I even met a cousin that I found who lives in McFarland, so that was neat. Hopefully I’ll get to meet more of my new-found extended in the future.