I Have A Gambling Problem

I’m surrounded by several casinos in the Seattle area, all offering a good mix of video slot machines, card and table games. Over the past few years I’ve gotten to know all of them pretty well… and that’s a problem. The lights and sounds and music… and the excitement of getting the right cards, or the dice landing on the right number… I loved it all! But, with the number of things I want to do in life, going to a casino is a sure-fire way to keep pushing those things back further and further.

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I Said Goodbye To My Car… And Seattle…

Waiting to board the train at Everett

September 26, 2019. I set out to drive the evening shift after getting over a pretty deep funk and not working. It was by all accounts a good night, and I was just about to wrap things up and drive home. Not even five minutes after dropping off my last passenger, my 2016 Kia Rio started to exhibit issues that can be best described as a result of my own stupidity. It went downhill from there.

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So I’m Getting Into Lighting Design

Lighting Desk at VancouFur 2019
Lighting Desk at VancouFur 2019

So, you may have heard somewhere on the internet that I am a part of the furry community. I go to a bunch of events every year, primarily on the West Coast. Last year, an event called VancouFur (yes, in Vancouver, Canada) gave me the opportunity I never thought would happen. I knew most of the AV crew already, so I showed up on load-in day and said “put me to work and learn me things!” Little did I know the spark that was about to hit me.

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Centennial Park

Grain Silo through Helix Bridge
Grain Silo through Helix Bridge

A few nights ago, I was driving around and stopped to take a break and park on Elliott Avenue, which is the ‘main drag’ between Belltown/Lower Queen Anne and Interbay, Magnolia, and Ballard. If you’ve ever driven here, there’s the unmistakable sight of the Louis Dreyfus Terminal 86 grain elevator and the Helix Bridge at Galer Street which connects pedestrians to the former-Amgen soon-to-be Expedia corporate offices. There’s a park hidden back there called Centennial Park (formerly Elliott Bay Park) and it offers amazing waterfront views of the Seattle Skyline in addition to what I think are some neat photo opportunities with the grain silos as a backdrop. Anywho, here’s some photos from that evening walk.

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Trying Lyft Express Drive

2016 Nissan Sentra from Hertz

Over the summer I went on a trip to Edmonton and on the way back home, I got myself into a crash at a stop light and wrecked the front end of my car. It was a simple error in judgement and I feel really dumb about it. In the mean time, I still needed income and had the opportunity to try out Lyft Express Drive. In Seattle, this involves going to a location in Renton which is operated by Hertz but only serves the Lyft Express Drive program and is staffed by Lyft folks.

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Ten Thousand Rides

Dashboard counter as of 12:33AM on August 13, 2018

On the evening of December 2, 2014 I signed on to the Lyft platform for the first time as a new driver. I nervously awaited for the first ping to come through as I sat in my Toyota Prius, thinking about how to do this new thing and if I’d do a good job at it. I stressed out over how I’d handle interacting with other people in the confines of my personal car, but after fifteen years in retail, hospitality and foodservice, I was sure I’d be just fine.

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