I’m not on Facebook

Facebook Deleted
Facebook account deletion; March 2018

I deleted my Facebook account. I’m tired of what it’s become in the grand scheme of things – a place where people post false information without fact checking, spend countless hours playing games that nag friends for engagement, allow people full of hate and vitriol to harass and bully and threaten people who are different to go unchecked, and also leaks data like a sieve while finding more and more ways to pervade itself into every bit of activity we engage in online on all of our devices.

And you should too. deletefacebook.com

If you’re wondering how you’ll keep in touch with people, remember that there’s still email and telephones and even handwritten letters!


I can only imagine the emotions and feelings of the families, friends and community of Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

I simply want to add my voice to the many who are thinking about Humboldt, that I am as well.

As some may know I learned to play hockey in 2007 with Madison Gay Hockey Association and it has forever changed my life. My social connections may not be as strong any more and I may not have played in years, but I know what that bond is like and it’s incredible how it brings everyone together.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for the families.


Still Here

I’m still here!

The past month has been a whirlwind, capped with a move from Kirkland to Everett where I have my own apartment. It’s still very empty here as I’ve been a roommate for nine years, so I only have my bedroom of things. I tend to stay in my room with everything until I get furniture and such.

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Hello world!

Hiya! So I’ve given in and installed WordPress. So far, this has been far easier to install and set up than Drupal, which I feel used to be far simpler than it is now… Anyway, I’ll be tinkering around and getting used to things and slowly start sharing content. Thanks for tuning in!