Slow Monday

Is it me or is the Monday after a holiday weekend slow? There wasn’t any sporting events, no big concerts. Pete Souza was at the Moore promoting his new book which sounds awesome. But I was out for most of the day today so I’m proud for sticking it out.Alright so I didn’t entirely drive twelve hours today. A buddy from Vancouver was here for his first visit to Seattle, and I said meeting up would happen and it did. We caught up and went to grab lunch at Chick-fil-A and hit up a few stores to look for a new datebook.

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Lazy Sunday

So after getting home last night I was a good boy and put myself to bed by 4am. I woke up around noon and put some laundry in and ultimately passed back out until 5pm. After a quick shower I dashed off to Panda Express for lunchinner and drove around until an airport run at 10pm. I decided to call it quits and drove back home with destination mode on in both apps, but no pings.

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Take A Brake!

I’m not entirely sure what to make of tonight, having signed in to both Lyft and Uber again. I gave twenty rides total, with just three of those being pink moustache rides, but I made around $200 combined. Between the on and off rain, the Huskies game (GO DAWGS!) and two big holiday concerts downtown I was busy enough. I still not sure what to think of this strategy of double dipping, but tomorrow is one more day to see. At least I had a few moments of downtime where I could pop in to a Safeway or just get out and stretch.

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Double Dipping

I decided I would sign in to both Lyft and Uber tonight. I know many drivers do it to maximize earnings potential, but I can’t help but imagine the opportunities I missed out by sticking to one vs another. It wasn’t a bad night overall, but it was quieter and I suspect everyone was taking it easy after the big turkey day yesterday.

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